Heir Jordan

Pilot Presentation for Nickelodeon. Starring Meeghan Henry, Grace Su, Rayna Graff, Tara Emerson.
Writer/Director: Li Lu
Producer: Christina Pratiknjo
DP: Stefan Silvers
Production Design: Roland Wiryawan 
Editor: Gavin Fisher
Music by Andrew Lane, Meeghan Henry

Jade Jordan, an Indonesian heiress, comes to California to study business so she can prepare to take over the family's company. Her parents are CEOs of Garuda International Trading company and has Angie, the President of the American offices, act as Jade’s guardian. However, Jade secretly wants to become a singer. Her parents disapprove and hire Tiffany, a chaperone, to make sure she goes to class. Jade and Tiffany have to cope with this forced bond, but soon the girls become fast friends and start to work together to achieve Jade’s dreams.